Immersive courses in the artistry of fine hand lettering with the Calligraphy program – where the elegance of beautiful writing meets the precision of classical discipline.

Perfect for adults and youth over 16, this beginner-friendly program ensures you master the art of memorable hand lettering.

Explore timeless writing styles in each course:

- Chancery: A 14th-century hand originating in Italy, used in British Royal Court correspondence.

Copperplate: A 17th-century script favoured by elegant writers of the past and present.

Uncial: A 4th-century hand originating in Ireland, now extensively used in the film industry and for inspirational quotes.

Olde English Gothic: A medieval hand originating in Germany, adopted in Britain with a reserved slender style.

Beginner's Program:

- Focuses on calligraphy fundamentals, minuscules, and traditional layouts.

Advanced Calligraphy Program

- Concentrates on majuscules, building manuscripts, illustration, and flourishing techniques.

Elevate your writing to an art form – join the Calligraphy program and make your mark with style and precision!

Note: The courses are for right-handed writers only, as The Studio has no resources for left-handed students at this time.

Upcoming Sessions

Chancery Calligraphy for Beginners

November 16, 12:00 - 1:30 pm

6-week session - $240

Limited space, early registration recommended

**Calligraphy Commissions Accepted:**

For personalized touchpoints like greetings, memorable mementoes, weddings, christenings, menus, and more, our talented calligraphers are at your service. Connect with The Studio to turn your project idea into a beautifully crafted piece.