Calligraphy - Art of Fine Hand Lettering

Learn Art of Beautiful Writing and finish your projects in memorable hand lettering. Classical Calligraphy and discipline are the main emphasis of this program. Beginner program is suitable for adults and youth over 16.

Note, left-handed students require a special writing instrument, or learn to adapt a certain hand position.

Hands (writing styles) available in this program:

One style per session.

Chancery - 14th century hand originated in Italy as a writing style, used in the British Royal Court correspondence

Copperplate - 17th century script favoured by elegant writers of the past and present

Uncial - 4th century hand originated in Ireland, used for the first copies of the Bible by Irish monks. In the present used extensively in film industry and producing inspirational quotes.

Olde English Gothic - Medieval hand originated in Germany, made its way to Britain in a more reserved slender style.

Beginner's Program addresses the fundamentals of the calligraphy discipline, minuscules and traditional layouts.

Advanced Calligraphy program concentrates on majuscules, building a manuscript, illustration and flourishes.

Chancery Hand for Beginners

September 23

12:30-2:00 pm

Six-week session $180 FULL

Copperpate Calligraphy for Beginners

November 4 12:30-2:00 pm

6-week session



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