Cursive writing by hand helps train the brain to integrate various forms of information
at once, including visual and tactile inputs, while applying fine motor skills.
Cursive can provide similar benefits to the brain as learning to play a musical instrument.

While everyone certainly needs to learn to type, cursive handwriting has its priceless
It can be demanding to learn, but it i
nstills valuable organization skills and teaches
children to compose their own thoughts and ideas.
Instead of letting handwriting die in schools, reading cursive and practice writing in
cursive is an important part of development that greatly improves cognitive and visual

Spencerian method is the script of choice for its timeless elegance, which paves the
foundation to learn calligraphy in the future.

Classes are maximum 4 students, ages 8 and up.

Next session begins on September 31 at 1:00 -2:00 pm
Six-week session $110.00

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