Learn art of beautiful writing and finish your projects with memorable hand lettering.

Classical Calligraphy and discipline is the main emphasis of the program.

Beginner Program is suitable for adults,and youth over 16.
Note, left-handed students require a special writing instrument, or learn to adapt a hand

Calligraphy styles (Hands)
Chancery Black / Italic
Copperplate Script
Old English Gothic
Brush Lettering, Modern Calligraphy
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Copperplate Hand

An elegant script from 18-th century England.
This romantic fine lettering is a fancy addition to any fine writing enthusiast.
Write your love letters, poetry, cards and notes in this beautifully flowing script.
Students learn by using a nib, oblique pen, and  India ink.

Next Copperplate Script Calligraphy class:

January 11,  6 weeks
2:00 - 3:30 pm

Studio Students and Golden Letter Guild Members $150.00
Chancery Hand and Italic

Gorgeous calligraphy from 11-th century still used today as a hand of choice for
commemorative events and illuminated manuscripts.
Anything written with this fine lettering has an aura of a royal, or even magical artwork.

Next Chancery /Italic Calligraphy class:

January 8, 6 weeks
5:30-7:00 pm

Studio Students and Golden Letter Guild Members $150.00
Uncial Hand also known as Irish Calligraphy
This historic calligraphy hand dates to the early 4-th century writing style, which is
gloriously illustrated in the Irish Book of Kells.
Also made famous in the main stream media by the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

4 weeks
5:30-7:00 pm

Studio Students and Golden Letter Guild Members $110.00
Old English Gothic

Gothic calligraphy is for artists and scribes who strive for the unique and dramatic
presentations and artwork. This hand has a worldwide fame of anything "noir" and

Dates for this course will be announced in the fall.
Contact The Studio for the early registration/wait list
Chancery/Italic is a prerequisite for this course.
Brush Lettering, Modern Calligraphy, Workshop

Time to have some fun using the classical letter form.

Students who have knowledge of the script calligraphy, will find it especially

Please inquire about next Modern Brush Calligraphy Workshop