Art Workshops are designed for students who wish to learn theory and application of variety of artistic styles.
The classes include interesting variations on the unique subjects.
Studio Art Workshops are not Paint Nites.
Workshops are academic activity suitable for adults and youth ages 14 and up, art supplies are included.
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Visit Fibre Felting Workshops for
Needle and Shawl felting class.
Sunflowers in Acrylic
Students learn a layered blending technique
Design their own composition form the provided examples
Use bold colours for expression

October 25 at 2:00 pm

Current Studio Students $40.00
Wait list is available
Also check out Felting and Modern
Calligraphy workshops which are also
available on select dates.
What is the difference between Gouache and Watercolour?

Come to this art workshop to find out.

Students will complete two paintings using these two art
media to learn and experiment with the basic gouache vs
watercolour technique.

November 22 at 2:00 pm
Current Studio students $40
Wait list is available

Christmas Card painting party.
This workshop is not only for the Calligraphers, it's for
everyone who loves Christmas and creating special
mementos for their loved ones.
We will use a variety of artistic media to create a card,
and even try an inscription in calligraphy.
Students have an option to get their artwork  scanned
and sent to the printer's for unique and lovely printed

December 6 at 2:00 pm
$40 per student. Current Studio students $30

More workshops TBA in  2021