The Dream
Learn multiple brushwork technique with complementary
colours and observe how the image emerges with every step.
February 24

Hot Air Balloon at Sunset
Use warm color palette and explore monochrome shades,
try your hand at symmetry and perspective.
Feb. 3 Full

Learn under painting  and blending techniques by using
minimalist colours. Discover how to create a winning
March 24

Rose Bouquet
Learn loose impressionist painting by using fresh colour
April 28

Acrylic painting workshops $40

For Needle and Wet Felting workshops, visit Felting Page
Art Workshops are designed for students who wish to learn theory behind acrylic painting.
The class includes sketching, blending and technique theory.

Workshops are academic activity suitable for adults and youth ages 11 and up, art supplies are included.

Dimensional painting is an intensive class suitable for 16 and up.
Workshops are Sundays at 2:00 pm
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Workshop in dimensional painting. Students learn to create an
artwork using an architectural mediums to achieve a 3-D effect on
The technique first appeared in 17 century, as a part of final
expression of Baroque movement, called Rococo.
The class encompasses the entire process from making paint to the
finished painting
Approximately 4 hours.
This workshop is unique in its availability, and presentation.
$95.00 includes all supplies.
April 14