Pick up the brush, or a pencil and begin, or continue your journey into a
wonderful world of artistic expression. You may be a seasoned artist in
search of a new inspiration, or just a beginner, either way you will enjoy
quiet and creative time at
The Studio.

The Art Program gives a student a chance to explore
various media.
Students work on their own chosen
projects and subjects as a learning journey.

Beginners are welcome!

The Program covers:
Sketching fundamentals
Acrylic or Watercolour painting technique
Principles of design and composition
Colour theory

Small classes up to 5 students
Personal step-by-step instruction for:
Development of unique ideas and compositions
Portraits, human and otherwise
Still life, and more

Oil painting, classical technique, with water soluble
: Private classes only, based on availability.

When registering, please give TWO alternative days and
times. Some classes may be already full.

Never too late to register, classes are ongoing.
Students are able to begin their 6-week session at any
time based on class availability.

30.00 six-week session.
Includes art supplies, except for canvases, and HST

Monday           Tuesday               Wednesday
3:30-5:00          3:30-5:00              6:00-7:30
Thursday              Saturday         
3:30-5:00               9:30-11:00             

Summer Schedule

Monday 3:30-5:00               Tuesday 3:30-5:00
             5:00-6:30                             5:00-6:30

To view some of our student's artwork for sale visit
The Gallery
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